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Your Worstest Nightmare [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 May 2006|08:04pm]

this is becuase you put PORN on my computer desktop. that did NOT make me happy.

is that better?
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[10 May 2006|09:35pm]
BUSTNCHOP: can u update
Cait713: jeeze louuise
BUSTNCHOP: ur slacking
Cait713: you are relentless
Cait713: nooo
Cait713: i just updated a few days ago
Cait713: yeah
Cait713: 4 days ago
Cait713: jeeze loiuise
Cait713: yessss
Cait713: i did
BUSTNCHOP: that was over the weekend almost a week agonow
Cait713: on the 6th
Cait713: its only wednesday
Cait713: fine
Cait713: ill update
Cait713: just for you

just for you tracy
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[06 May 2006|08:42pm]
so tomorrow i get to dress up and look pretty and im so very excited.


NEW DRESS and its SO cute! and im trying to formulate as many situations this summer which would be semi-formal wear appropriate.

unfortunatly, i cant think of too many. hmm. dress at swim lessons-no. dress at 6 flags-no. dress at beach-maybe, at night. dress at the y-no. dress in pennsylvania-i hope so. dress in boston-doubtful. dress at the duxbury war-no (im the commander, that just wouldnt work)

so, i will just have to wear it around my house as much as possible to get my fix.

other than that, ive been very happy with my boobs lately. on normal occasions i just get frustrated with them because they are often very difficult. i also feel that they are disproportionate to my body (i am short, yet my boobs are big-frequently i wish they werent). but lately, perhaps due to the fact that they fit in my dress very nicely, ive been quite pleased with them.

also, i have a newfound hope for my future. my family always tells me that im going to nail a guy becuase i can cook. unfortunatly, lately, ive been feeling like i am doomed to be forever single. maybe because i feel ready to get back into a relationship? i dont know if thats the case. but anyways, it made me feel better. there is hope!

so. thats the end. yay!
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[04 May 2006|10:51pm]
and here i go, jumping on the emo bandwagon

there are only seven more days left of my roger williams university education. and i am awefully upset about it.

upset because i have met some truly wonderfuly people here. i love them very much. upset because i loved (almost) all my classes this semester. upset because things have been going so perfectly well lately. upset that this is potentially the last week that i will be living on a college campus ever.

i dont know. im just so sad to leave. and i know i will be in tears next friday. i wont be able to help it. even the fact that i only live an hour away wont help. even though ive promised myself and others that i will be back to visit at least once a month. even though im so damn excited for summer.

you know the "i miss" lists that i make for the academy? i will probably start making those lists for rwu too. including things like flying kites. and spongebob monopoly. and colt state park. and the hill behind mns by the water. and the bridge. and poetry on the stoop of willow 42. and hugs and the octagonal art building and the walk to jlot and pomagranites and being super sneaky and game nights and movie nights and coloring and

fuck. i miss it already. all the complaining ive done about this school and here i am all meloncholy and teary-eyed.

and sooooo emo.
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[02 May 2006|06:05pm]

and i felt the need to share that with someone
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[29 Apr 2006|12:42am]
i havent slept since wednesday night.

yes, that was by choice. i pulled an all nighter last night for fun. never done that before. to play lots of scrabble games, and spongebob monopoly, and watched the sunrise, watched an amazing movie, and ate breakfast.

what a night/morning

and i watched some tripped out movies tonight and that plus my extreme lack of sleep was rediculous. i am quite exhausted. so ill be going to bed now.
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[26 Apr 2006|12:10am]
you tell him to watch out for a black '79 cadillac with two swarthy dark italian men. they'll be carrying baseball bats.

thats how my dad thinks i should solve my problem with a specific someone. hahahaha

i suppose it is nice to have the option, although i would probably never do it. another plus to having a big italian family. :)
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[22 Apr 2006|09:56am]
i had some weird dreams last night. the last one was so real that when i woke up to peoples voices, i made them part of my dream.

so theyre kinda connected. the first part was a series of concerts. and everyone i knew was coming. i forget who was playing the first ones. but anyways, ricky was there. and he came to me in tears and apologized for everything and told me how much he values and misses our friendship. and of course i forgave him and we became friends again. he came to the last concert with us, which was dropkick murphys. i dont think i dreamed about the concert but i did dream about getting readay and stuff, and we drove in, and i was driving, and we got terribly lost. and that was that.

now somehow, when i was getting ready for a concert, i was on this gigantic yacht. i was in this huge bathroom with mirrors everywhere and it was intensly clean and bright. and i come to find out that its my cousin davey and his new wife tina's honeymoon boat (although they got married in october). and they took us out on it. i think it was just me and kris and andy and them. we went tubing and even in my dream i was awefully concerned about losing my bathing suit. we were in this fantastic tropical place and we were completely drunk on the atmosphere that we refused to leave. and thats when i started incorporating voices from my dorm-mates in the hallway into my dream.

also, happy earth day! if youre in boston, take the t somewhere, its free today!

and, download antlerland "mabye we're still running" and "three in a tree" you wont be disappointed

and i have cramps like theres no tomorrow, so i wont be doing much today.
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[20 Apr 2006|06:50pm]

im a bit disappointed that today is celebrated as a college holiday.
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[20 Apr 2006|06:06pm]
yes. lets do this.

reasons why today is the best day ever.

well mostly this afternoon actually.

i am done with all the hellish work that was due today. 2 papers and a test today. none of which i started until tuesday night. all of which i think i did well on. i love when i can actually pull shit off.

its a summer day. no, not a spring day, a summer day. like actually warm enough to go to the beach in your suit and play in the sand and lay on the beach and perhaps even swim. that makes me so happy.

i ate a nice lunch outside on the grass by myself today. it was fantastically relaxing.

my 2 hour painting class was shortened to 20 minutes. not that i dont like my painting class, but it was just wayyy too nice to sit inside in that stuffy building and paint. painting oustide? i would have gone for that.

i went to a lovely poetry reading today with greg. by a bulgarian poet. it was absoltuely wonderful. i enjoyed it greatly.

i got new music to work on for piano. a really fun amazing fast jumpy beethoven piece. hopefully i will learn to play it as fast as its supposed to be played. because its so fun!

i think thats it for why today is nice.

also, yesterday i went to colt state park with tracy and mike and it was soooooooo good, we flew kites and it was amazing, except tracy let out all her string, which was like 500 yards, and it took forever to reel in. and we played catch and went to ice cream and it was sooooo good. we got back at 9ish. i was going to study for my test today, but i decided to play scrabble with greg instead. which turned out to be a good choice. because there wasnt much to study for, and i think i did well.

modnay night i played my new spongebob monopoly game until 1am and it was sooooooooo amazing even though i lost terribly because austin monopolized the cheap blue property. it was so fun. my god. and that is why i did not go to work on tuesday morning hahaha

so yay! im siked, i dont have too much to do this weekend, besides long term stuff. things are great!

aaaaand....its almost SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!
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[11 Apr 2006|12:31pm]
i am completely obsessed with zox

i cant even handle it. its sooooooooooo summer music

zox is a mix between dispatch and reel big fish.


soo good!!!!!!!!!

they make me smile really really really really really big!!!!!!

you know what else makes me smile big?

HOME IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!

and our dinner and dance party thursday night on the beach! yeah! oooooh man i am sooo bouncy right now! and gogol on saturday! with zox!!!!! ahhhhhhh

weekend with my girls
lots of chocolate and candy
summer right around the corner....

could it get better?

i can hardly handle it! love love love love love!!!!
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[07 Apr 2006|05:43pm]
fjaslfkj a;lsdjkf ;lasdjfb;lasdjfb;laskhg;hge'0irf howwi;ahnjvh;lzd'pAS DJOF;odzs f
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i cant even explain how angry i am right now

lasdkjf;l askjdfb;af ;laskjf;lasj fblkajsgf;lkajbg;likasdjg;laskjg;l'asjf;lasdjf

so ricky owed me $320 for autocad, which i sold him in november. and he hadnt paid me yet, so i imed him today, and asked him to get it for me over easter weekend. and heres our convo

Cait713 (5:14:15 PM): hey ricky. i just wanted to remind you that you still owe me $320 for autocad, and i really really need the money, its been since thanksgiving. please, try to have it for me when we're back from easter weekend. thanks

FpLaArMi3sS (5:22:45 PM): hey, u never sent me an im telling me how much u wanted for it and 320 is a hell of a lot more then its worth, they were selling it online for 185, so if u want that much ill have to give it back to u and just buy it from online cause i cant pay 60% more then what i could buy it for somewhere else, so if u want it back so that u could have someone else buy it off of u that would be fine, just let me know

Cait713 (5:25:29 PM): well maybe the one that youre looking for online that costs 185 is the year long version. the one i sold to you did cost 320, i can show you the statement, and it doesnt expire, which is why its more expensive. and yes, i did tell you the price back in november when i gave it to you, and asked you for the money when you could get it to me.

FpLaArMi3sS (5:27:55 PM): well then i guess ill give it back to u and buy the 185 dollar one cause that one will last me till the end of college when i will probably get the new version anyway, and u told me u would find out the price from ur dad when u gave it me and could have asked for the money in person cause it would have been a little bit nicer of u seeing as i see u twice a week in class

FpLaArMi3sS (5:28:23 PM): so i guess ill just bring it to u on tuesday in class, sorry but i just cant pay that much for it, i hope u understand

Cait713 (5:30:31 PM): well thats pretty shitty that you "didnt get my im" becuase i remember that i gave you the price, ive been waiting for it, and why didnt i ask you in class? you dont talk to me anymore. so dont talk to me about being "nicer" also, maybe you shouldnt have taken autocad if you didnt think that you would be able to afford it. becuase now im screwed. i hope you understand.

FpLaArMi3sS (5:33:55 PM): im sorry i thought i would be doing u a favor by buying it off of u for around 175 instead of buying it online, seeing as u would have no money if i didnt' because i highly doubt that u have anyone else who will pay that much for it, i didn't know it was going to cost me twice as much, sorry i tried to do u a favor and talking goes both ways

Cait713 (5:34:37 PM): so you ignore me, and see if i talk to you, is that how it goes?

FpLaArMi3sS (5:36:25 PM): well im sorry u feel that way, and im sorry that i caused u soooo much trouble by trying to do u a fovar, ill bring it to u on tuesday

Cait713 (5:38:20 PM): fine. bring autocad. and that will be the end of it.

Cait713 (5:46:08 PM): you know what, fuck that, you didnt do me the favor, i did you the favor, you had a free copy of autocad for the year. so fuck that. that was really pretty shitty of you ricky. i honestly mean that.

FpLaArMi3sS (5:48:51 PM): you know what, i could have gotten a free copy from my room mate also cause he had one but i was still gonna give u the money for ur copy because i told u a would, i was going to as soon as i got my taxes back in a few weeks, and i was still going to give u the same that i would pay online after u told me how much it cost u, but i dont think i will now, u can have ur version and ill get the copy from my room mate


i just got fucked out of $320
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[07 Apr 2006|09:30am]
so yesterday in painting

we got a new assignment, painting music. like kandinsky and klee. and let me tell you just how much i am STRUGGLING

i love painting, very very much. i also love music. possibly more than painting. and i can feel the music when i listen to it. i know how it sounds in my head. i know what instruments are playing, what each means and harmonies and anti harmonies. and i love it becuase i feel like i have a connection with music. painting is rather new to me, and i am learning how to express things through color and shapes. but i am having the hardest time trying to translate music into something visual. its like, the knowledge is there, but something just isnt connecting in my brain. and im trying so hard. and thats probably my problem. so i am at a loss with this assignment. i really need to do some thinking.

nothing too exciting is going on in my life. easter is coming soon, im very very excited. and gogol! gogol will be sooooo good and we will get dressed up and it will be amazing! theyre sooo good live, honestly, you might die at the concert, of euphoria.

im hoping for a visitor today, and ill be kind of upset if he doesnt come.

im going swimming in an hourish. i havent swam in soooo long i feel like the biggest slacker ever. im not going to the gym because im sick of running and its so monotonous and im bored with the gym. plus, swimming is sooo wayy better than running.

i was invited to a party tonight. im not sure if im gonna go though. its my friend from works party. and she is awesome. but i wont know anyone, and im not big on drinking at school at all. so we'll see.

my legs are hairy. i really need to shave.

so yay.

i think thats it for now.
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[28 Mar 2006|08:42pm]
fjka;lskjf ;lasdjkf ;alsdjkf ;laskjf ;aldksf


and i cannot describe how happy i am right now i am on a natural high i have been waiting for this for EVER.
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[21 Mar 2006|05:38pm]
wanna know something crazy?

theres less than two months of school left. then SUMMER TIME!

oooh man i really cant wait, im so happy!

im going to new york city on saturday. with my painting class. and meg! yay! we're going to the museum of modern art. and maybe the met too! oooh boy i cant wait!

yesterday i found sheet music for straylight runs extensentialism on prom night. and it looks super easy. im so excited to learn.

im taking a personal day tomorrow. i decided this on monday. when i realized that i dont have a 5 foot piece of pine wood for my sculpture class. and i have no way to get to a supply store until the weekend, at least. so im just not going to go to class. and its my only class of the day, and i dont have to work.

i dont know waht im going to do yet.

oh wait yes i do. i have lots of painting homework to do. we're making collages, its going to be soooo sweet!

and i have a powerpoint presentation to do for my ed class.

speaking of which, i had a presentation today in my other ed class. i had to teach the class something, and i decided to teach the mechanics of music. notes, and beats, and measures, and time signatures and whatnot. and i was so nervous, i am absolutely posetive that i confused the class completely. however, i did play music which i think they enjoyed. playing the music for the class meant that i had to drag my computer around with me all day long, which i did not enjoy. ooh well.

well i think im gonna go now. because this is prime time for time wasting. better go and waste it yeahh
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[17 Mar 2006|07:07pm]
im a little angry

becuase its saint patricks day today. and im sick and im not out getting drunk tonight.

even though i am not irish, not even a little, i wanted to go see mer tonight and party with her.

and im angry and pouting because im sick on the drunkest day of the year. i mean come on, my sister is out getting shitfaced tonight. and im home on my couch not eating or drinking anything out of fear that i will throw it up.

well october 15 is coming soon. and wont that just be marvelous.
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[14 Mar 2006|09:14pm]
for anyone who is interested in knowing, greg and i broke into the mayflower on sunday.

yes, the mayflower that is sitting in plymouth harbour. the mayflower that the pilgrims sailed on. welllll, its actually the replica. but still.

we were going to break into plymouth plantation too, but unfortunatly, it was guarded.

but yeah. the mayflower was sweet.
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[08 Mar 2006|06:25pm]
ok so today i caused two of the biggest messes that the art room has ever seen.

the first one, was during sculpture. i had to scrape my plaster shapes, and i got plaster EVERYWHERE. no joke. i tried to clean it too, but it was just insane, it was everywhere and there was too much, and everyone was inhaling it, and i felt terrible.

but my shapes came out pretty good.

the second one was when i was putting my paintings away on the drying rack. you see, ive never used the drying racks before, because ive never made anything that was so big i couldnt fit it in my locker. so i go to try to put my paintings in the rack. i have no idea how they work. so i pick up a stack. and allllllllll the paintings that were drying fell behind the rack and onto the floor ontop of each other. so i was like shiiiiiiit, and i tried to put the stack down, which caused even more paintings to fall. and the rack was sooo heavy and in such a terribly small place, that i could not get behind it to save the paintings. so now, im sure more than 20 people will be very upset with the person who was an idiot and made a mess of their work.

but my paintings came out soooooooo good. im sooo happy with them. i will tell you about them

the assignment was to make portraits from looking at photographs. in any way desired. i painted an emo pic of biz, an emo pic of kar, a pic of me (i wasnt trying to be vain, it was just a good pic to paint from), and a pic of the gypsy dancer from the gogol concert. ooooh sooo good. they took forever, but i heart them. i will photograph them and maybe post them. becuase theyre pretty sweeeeet yo!

also, im going HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111oneoneoneone

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[01 Mar 2006|02:57pm]
sculpture class is soooo emo.

no joke. we all stand there, at our little wooden clay tables, with our headphones on, looking in mirrors, and then molding and shaping our clay to look like our faces.

sometimes, i look around, and watch everyone working so intently, with expressions of extreme concentration, and i can picture this as a scene of a movie with emo music playing in the background, and then the camera zooms into the sculpture, and fingers caked with dried clay pushing and molding.

soo emo.

but i love it. we've been sculpting our faces for about 2 and a half weeks now. i have become so familiar with my face its rediculous. i know all the subtleties, shapes, hollows, convexities, concavities, depth relationships, and height-width relationships without even looking at or touching my face. its craazy, but kind of nice. like another way to know yourself. another reason why sculpture is my favorite class.

and right now, i am procrastenating writing my take home exam of doooom for my foundations of education class. which shouldnt be as difficult as im making it. but of course, i am the queen of procrastenation. ive had the assignment for a week, and here i am, the day before its due, with mind blockage, trying to get it done.

but im listening to my jazzz and i am happy that theres only one more day until the weekend.

and i dont think i have the flu. i am feeling a little better today.

so things are good
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[26 Feb 2006|06:25pm]
god i really wish we were all back home together

we shouldnt be apart when stuff like this happens.

stuff like this shouldnt happen at all.

i need home.
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